Imperishable Florescence in Elegant Wooden Lighting Objects




Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens emerged from a desire to integrate the remarkable world of plants and flowers into urban architecture. This has resulted in a distinctive, illuminated botanical landscape in an elaborately produced lighting object made of elegant wood which allows the room to radiate with a different ambience. Each Hanging Gardens object is unique and made with the highest quality standards in mind.

Hanging Gardens is not only a beautiful and long-lasting interior design piece, it is much more. The lighting art objects are created in an environment that is characterised by patience, dedication and attention to detail. Each working step is made with the aim of giving other people pleasure. We place great importance on this approach to work and life.




















Hanging Gardens - Handcrafted in Berlin

The unique lighting objects are made with great care and dedication, in a small workshop. The century-old knowledge of the art of crafting wood is central to the production. At the same time, at Hanging Gardens we are passionately interested in wise innovation. Hence not only do the materials and techniques used guarantee a long service life but are also energy-saving and have a low impact on resources and the environment.

A specially developed and intricate preparation procedure to preserve the colours and shapes of the plants is a basic prerequisite for the unique vibrancy of the light objects, as well as for their durability. Hanging Gardens provides an extensive guarantee for the lighting object and the specially prepared plants.

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Hanging Gardens - Holger Hönck

Holger Hönck is an artist and producer of works of art for highly regarded international artists like Elmgreen & Dragset. Since 2010, he has consolidated his verve, knowledge and experience in the Hanging Gardens. Holger Hönck would like to pass on the pleasure he takes in this work, as well as his gratitude towards life and his enthusiasm for nature with Hanging Gardens.


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